Educational Lectures (EL)

Dietary patterns and fracture risk
Stefania Maggi

EL2 (supported by an unrestricted grant from IBSA)
Meet the evidence of pharma-grade chondroitin sulfate
Nicola Veronese

Peak bone mass and primary fracture prevention
Peter R. Ebeling

EL4 (sponsored by ESCEO through an unrestricted educational grant from AMGEN)
Integrated Care Pathways for Bone Health: improving care around the world
Mary Bussell

Skeletal Rare Diseases: Case discussions with members of the IOF SRD Academy

Chairperson: Professor Nicholas Harvey, IOF CSA Chair and SRD Academy Co-chair; and Professor Maria Luisa Brandi, SRD Academy Convener and Co-chair
Case history 1: McCune Albright Syndrome with phosphate wasting - Professor Roland Chapurlat
Overview of McCune Albright Syndrome - Professor Roland Chapurlat
Case history 2: Tumour induced osteomalacia - Dr Nicholas Fuggle
Overview of tumour induced osteomalacia - Dr Manju Chandran
Panel discussion - chaired by Professor Maria Luisa Brandi, SRD Academy Convener and Co-chair
Participants: Dr Kassim Javaid, Dr Manju Chandran, Professor Serge Ferrari, Professor Roland Chapurlat, Dr Nicholas Fuggle, Professor Nicholas Harvey

Presentation of the IOF Skeletal Rare Disease Academy Awards Ceremony 2021 (Financially supported by Kyowa Kirin, which had no input into the Committee, abstract selection or awards)
Professor Nicholas Harvey, IOF CSA Chair, SRD Academy Co-Chair